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Benefit from our experience

The experts at the Hamburg company, Kolo Agrarhandel GmbH, specialise in the import of selected raw materials. What distinguishes us from everyone else is that we focus exclusively on organic raw materials. We import these from Ukraine and supply them within the entire European Union upon request.

√    Experience – We know the peculiarities of the market.

√    Stability – We have been working with certified manufacturers and suppliers for many years.

√    Strong partnership – We have a partner company in Ukraine with an in-house agronomist and quality manager. This ensures the all-round care of the agricultural enterprises during the whole season including cultivation.

√    On-site presence – We know manufacturers and their fields personally.


We offer you an extensive range of rich agricultural products.


wheat, maize, barley, rye, oats, buckwheat

Grains and pulses

peas, soybeans, lentils, chickpeas, lupines

Oilseed crops

sunflowers, rapeseed, flax, mustard seed

Processed products

oil, sunflower seed cake

*Certain range of niche cultures can also be supplied at the request of our customers.


We collaborate with our partners to maintain quality and sustainability.

We collaborate with our partners to maintain quality and sustainability.

Kolo Agrarhandel GmbH has a representative partner company in Ukraine, for which the safety of all products is of utmost significance. It works closely together with local farms, right from sowing to harvesting. In addition, the in-house quality control is part of the service profile of our partner company.

The local organic farmers are fully supported and advised in all relevant matters. This is ensured by our in-house employees such as the agronomist and quality manager.

The services of our partner company in the Ukraine include the following among others:

  • Support and advice for organic farms
  • Development of crop rotation
  • Purchase of seeds
  • Use of organic pesticides
  • Work in the field
  • Harvest
  • Separate, identifiable storage

The sustainability of cooperation with agricultural holdings is a matter of particular importance. As an added value, we establish a particularly deep knowledge of all the peculiarities of the cultivation of the concrete products and create trust that has been proven over many years. Only certified organic preparations based on useful microorganisms that live in symbiosis with the natural flora and fauna are used in the fields. This helps protect the plants from pests and diseases. There are stretches of forest around the organic fields, wherein different animals live and various plants, trees and shrubs grow. The organic farmers are actively involved in protecting these stretches of forests from deforestation and exploitation by poachers, who hunt the animals and threaten their habitat.Each time the goods are loaded or unloaded, an employee in charge and/or independent inspector is present to carry out the visual inspection.
When it comes to storage, we regularly check the cleanliness of the external warehouses before using them in order to ensure high quality.

All export-relevant steps are carried out to ensure smooth import. Our Ukrainian partner company and most of the agricultural enterprises have organic certification by the Swiss authority bio.inspecta AG.


We put great emphasis on controlled organic cultivation and service.

Our agronomist is in close contact with the farms, right from sowing to harvesting phases and carries out regular internal inspections. He checks the quality of the goods and the fulfilment of all prescribed requirements.
Samples are taken at various stages – field, warehouse, port, loading.
Possible test parameters include pesticides, GMOs, aflatoxins, mycotoxins, heavy metals, physical parameters and others.

A risk assessment is also carried out for possible cross-contamination.Together with the agronomists, the responsible quality manager samples the goods both during harvesting and before storage. The transport conditions and the condition of the warehouses are checked in advance by the person in charge.

An independent supervisor samples the goods and sends the samples to one of the European laboratories for analysis. In the meantime, the necessary customs procedures are completed. Only after the goods have been cleared and all mandatory requirements have been met can the goods be delivered to the customer. Since we know how valuable the time of our customers is, we take care of all other concomitant steps, which are relevant for the import from Ukraine.


In order to always be able to offer you the best quality and safe food, we work exclusively according to tried and tested specifications.

Kolo Agrarhandel GmbH works exclusively with certified organic food and animal feed from Ukraine. Our focus is on organic raw materials without pesticides, without chemical treatment and without genetically modified organisms. Our company is certified by the state-accredited inspection body KIWA Deutschland GmbH. The certification pursuant to EU eco-regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 guarantees that we support environmental protection.
In order to fulfil further needs of our customers in the feed chain, our company has obtained the GMP+ certification. GMP+ includes adherence to HACCP principles and guarantees the quality of animal feeds.
Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 Bio Suisse US National Organic Program 7 CFR Part 205 GMP+ B3, B4 (Good Manufacturing Practice)


We are looking for new synergies to bring corporate growth.

As an expanding company, we are always on the lookout for ambitious partners, for instance from the wholesale trade, with whom we can create mutual surplus value.

We are fully capable of delivering directly to Germany, Austria, Denmark and the Netherlands. Otherwise, delivery throughout Europe is also possible.



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us personally or by telephone at any time.